I do ask a minimum of a $5.00 donations as the merchant account will eat up part of it.

What donations are used for:

  • Keeping the site updated
  • Paying hosting and domain fees
  • Paying for utilities to maintain the site
  • Pretty much anything that has to do with keeping TerryNet running.

What do you get:

  • A really warm fuzzy feeling inside for doing a good deed and a hardy THANK YOU!
  • You get to keep coming back and seeing all the wonderful stuff I put up.

What this is about:

    As you know, money isn’t all that easy to come by for a lot of us, easier for some, harder for others. The way I have it planned is, not everyone can donate and of course I'm not asking for everyones money, well unless everyone really wants to.

    OK, so I get 10 donations, now I take a portion of that and find someone else to donate to, this allows me to help someone and have that warm fuzzy feeling too and I’ll do this over and over again. Why not, I believe in sharing the wealth although I don’t think I’ll get rich doing this, I just need some help in keeping things running and in turn I can help someone else, we can all help.

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Any donation is deeply appreciated